When someone says: “I stay in Sandton”, you automatically believe that they are of the wealthier people or families in South Africa. And, this might just be true because of the prices, calibers of shops and kinds of people that live in Sandton. Now, I am not entirely sure where it started, but it must have started somewhere: this illusion that you need to stay in Sandton to be seen as wealthy and important. Did people all of a sudden decide that they would open of the top shops in the world in Sandton? Did they suddenly decide that they are increasing the prices of basically everything, in the Sandton area? And did that result in people moving to Sandton because of the high prices and calibre shops? Or, were the shops opened and the prices increased because retailers saw that people living in Sandton tend to spend more and buy more expensive things. It is something to think about. But, think about this, why exactly would you say an electrician in Benoni makes less money than electricians in Sandton? Is that even true? Do they really make less money?

Look at it this way: people in Sandton are normal people, obviously, but they tend to spend more because they have more to spend. They also choose a higher quality of product and service than any other people, also because they pay so much money for it: understandable. So, the people looking for an electrician in Sandton would then not look for an individual who just started his own company. They would look for a reputable electrical company to do the job. Or, they would ask their friends and family for referrals. An electrician in Benoni would much rather freelance and do a couple of jobs a day, but more of them. He would then pocket all of the money paid for the job, and would not have to split it with an employer. Are they earning the same?

For me personally, the electrician in Benoni would make more money at the end of the day, mainly due to the fact that he doesn’t need to share it with anyone.