There are indeed Southern suburb electricians. You will find them listed in the telephone directories, but also on the internet. They are 24/7 providers of electrical services including emergency services, free from call out charges.

Southern suburb electricians are fully trained and registered with the council and therefore licensed to undertake electrical installations, repairs and maintenance work, also at your home. These electricians travel in equipped vehicles, ready to tackle any electrical emergency that you may have called them out to attend. Apart from 24/7 emergency services these electricians also undertake the installation of electrical gate motors, swimming pool pumps and other household electrical installations, including outside lighting. By law, they also issue certificates of compliance in any work they undertake. These people will further, on contract, undertake electrical installations at building sites, whether it is a new housing complex, a new office block or factory. Some of such jobs will require the services of a specialist trained electrician, for example in factories, where the services of an electrical engineer consultant, may also be required. Also in these cases a certificate of compliance is required.

Southern suburbs electricians, acting as an electrical contractor, has to comply with the regulations of membership to the Electrical Contractors Board. Anyone that effects electrical installations and therefore functions as an electrical contractor additionally needs to annually register with the Chief Inspector at the Dept. of Labour. These requirements are mandatory to ensure the safety of electrical installations to the public. Electricians employed by electrical contractors may be trained in one of four categories being: electrician, electrician construction, electrician mining and electrician engineering. These specialised training programmes are intended to allow the course goers of the unique requirements and ordinances of the different entities. Industrial installations, for example, require a different approach to the job and the installations at hand, due to the type of electrical installations and that of electrically driven equipment like ovens or forges requiring high electricity capacity. Factory wiring design is undertaken together with the installation of transformers, HT switchgear, HT cable and joints, design and installation of distribution panels and so on. Again, the necessary certificates of compliance will be issued.