Whether fixing a faulty fuse box or rewiring entire sections of the house, dealing with electricity can be rather unsettling. Dealing with potentially deadly amounts of electricity might be better left to the professionals. You don’t want even a small electrical problem to go unattended, because it can easily become a large one that is even more difficult to sort out. If it is time to call in an electrical contractor, there are some questions you should ask before hiring them. You will want to do this, as you cannot choose a contractor based on just electrical contractor prices.

One thing you certainly do not want to do when looking for an electrical contractor is hire the first one you speak to. It might require some work, but find contractors who provide free over-the-phone estimates. The extra effort will be worth it in the long run because those who cannot or will not do it might be unorganized, inexperienced, or simply lazy. Be sure that even if they give you a free estimate that they will not charge a trip fee if they come out to your property. Shop around before making a decision.

Also check the contractor out; ask if there is similar completed work that they have carried out that you can view. Make sure you speak to the previous customers for their comments, were they happy with the work? Was it started and completed on time? Was the final bill in line with the estimate? Do their electrical contractor prices and fees compete with other contractors or are the fees way too high? Check out any supplied written references and it was your contractor who actually undertook the work.

Find out if the contractor is a member of an appropriate trade association and check that they are with the association. Check them out also look for ones with strict joining criteria, codes of conduct and clear complaints procedures. Some may offer forms of contract, protection schemes and warranties.

Asking questions when hiring an electrical contractor is the only way to ensure that you find one right for you. Look for those who are established and do quality work. That way, you electrical issues are resolved without costing you too much money. Also be sure to look at competitive electrical contractor prices and fees; this will help you save money by giving you an idea of what they charge.