We, as human beings, are very concerned at what can go wrong in our lives. So, we take out insurance policies, we take out medical aid insurance, we know the doctor’s phone number, we know the numbers of the fire brigade and the ambulance, but do we know the number of the electrician in our area? No, probably not. Why is that so? Well we don’t expect something to go wrong in the electrical systems in our homes, other than maybe a light bulb fusing. The electricians contact number, therefore, gets frantically searched for in the Yellow Pages or some other directory when an emergency requiring the intervention of an electrical expert happens.

One more contact position on your cell phone or smart phone can make all the difference between a great inconvenience and a situation under control: store your electricians contact number in your phone! Like so many things in life an electrical emergency can occur when you least expect it, and if it happens at night it simply aggravates the situation. Electrician’s are trained not only in their subject matter, but also to handle emergencies on a 24/7 basis. They travel fully equipped to handle most situations and in most cases will not even charge a call out fee if they work for emergency contractors. Whenever there is water or children involved in any electrical situation, don’t hesitate, grab your cell phone and phone the electrician.

Even a simple thing like the gates that won’t open, due to a failed electric motor, can constitute an emergency when you arrive home late at night with the kids in the car. Even for such eventualities you should have your electricians contact number stored in your phone, as being prevented from entering your own premises, could potentially be very dangerous late at night. Although most of us don’t know a thing about electricity we often are not averse to fiddling with an electrical fault in an attempt to fix it. After all, we may reason, its only three wires that need to be put into place, so what is so dangerous about that? Next time you are tempted to do something like fiddling with the electrical system, ask yourself the question: why do electricians need to be trained and registered with the council, if it were all so simple?