For most things in life, the dark and the pitch dark at that, is not the most advantageous of times. One of such inopportune times would be, to have your fingers do the walking, in finding an emergency telephone number for an electrician with your entire electrical system dysfunctional. Having the emergency electrician contact number both stored in your cell phone and prominently displayed by your landline phone, is therefore a must. This, of course, presupposes that you have had the savvy to do some research into the most applicable service provider in your area before hand and recorded their telephone number.

An emergency electrician contact number is to be used in any situation where there is a fault in your electrical system causing the disuse of any of the components. Before actually calling the number, make sure, that the mains on the distribution box is not tripped. Should it be restore the trip switch and if it stays on, the system is OK. If it trips again, there must be a fault. Switch off all the individual switches, e.g. ‘lights’, ‘plugs’ ‘geyser’ and so on. With all of these switches in the ‘off’ position, restore the trip switch and thereafter restore the other switches one by one, until the system trips again – that way you will know which part of the system is causing the mains to trip. On phoning the electrician you will be at least able to give an indication of the possible cause of system failure.

Please don’t go beyond any basic fault finding, as described above, as playing with electricity is a dangerous game that can result in serious injury or burns. If in any doubt about the system find the emergency electrician contact number on your cell phone and dial the number for expert attendance to the problem. Should it be a genuine problem you won’t be charged any call out fee and only receive a bill for the work done. These people are fully equipped and staffed to deal with emergencies and travel in a fully equipped van to deal with your problem.