The term “Emergency Electrician” conjures up an image of a guy with a hard hat, asbestos gloves and a whole utility belt bristling with tools, meters and other pieces of no-doubt useful equipment. He is hooked up to an emergency button that you just press when you experience an unexpected outage. Getting your emergency call he jumps on his superfast BMW bike and comes roaring up in your drive-way, goggles steaming up from the sheer speed of his response.

You wish!

The reality is probably closer to you having to laboriously call a number of dubious sounding Electrical companies (AAAAAAAAAAA Electrical – so that they appear at the top of the listings in the Yellow Pages) at nine at night, squinting down at the small print while trying to balance, the phone, the torch and the yellow pages at the same time. Inevitably you either get a ringing phone, or if you are lucky, a voice mail message to tell you that they are only open office hours.

So you move on to AAAAAAAAAA Electrical and hope that you have better luck this time.
What are the characteristics of an Emergency Electrician?
An emergency electrician should be easily contactable. You should be able to find him in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet or in other local directories or advertisement pages. He should clearly advertise himself as an Emergency, or 24/7 electrician.

Be careful, getting an electrician to come out in the middle of the night on a Saturday night might cost you an extra fee to cover the inconvenience (for the Electrician!) so before you get the Emergency electrician to come out to your house at that time, make sure of the costs involved.

An emergency electrician might not be able to do all the work required to fix the whole problem when you call him out at 11 o’clock at night on a Saturday when you get home after a party and discover that your gate motor is not working and you cannot get into your house, but he will probably be able to put in an emergency fix or a workaround to enable you to get by until such time as he could manage to come around with his full team to fix the problem properly.

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