An electrician call out fee is generally not charged by the electrical contractors offering emergency services. Electrician’s working for themselves, however, finds them in a position, where they often need to charge for call outs due to scales of economy in their businesses.

In some cases it is common practise for service organisations to charge an electrician call out fee whether actual work is carried out or not. In other instances no call out fee may be charged, but an ‘after hours’ surcharge will be applicable. In some cases the surcharge could be as high as 50%. The common excuse for this practise is that in the case of smaller operations they are faced with overtime labour and other costs. While one has empathy with such arguments, the rules of business and marketing say that should you not be able to compete in a given market, you should not be in such market.

Service oriented services are very expensive, due mainly to the cost of labour, but it remains your right as a consumer to shop around for the best rate or price. This means that you should do your homework beforehand to establish the best services offers in your area of residence. It is not a good idea to encounter an emergency and then frantically (maybe even in the dark) start searching for the best deal. Some operators charging surcharges and the like, of course decided that people in an emergency will pay anything to be alleviated of such situation. An electrician call out fee is normally not charged by such electrical businesses that specialise in emergency call outs, as a marketing strategy, and charge only for work done. It is, therefore, advantageous to you, the consumer, to do business with such businesses.

In order not to be caught out unprepared in any electrical emergency situation, you should have done your research into available services and the associated costs thereof prior to any call out necessity and you should have stored the number of the chosen electrical company in your cell phone with all of the other emergency services that pertain to your situation.