Gone are the days when a 24 hour electrician was a rare creature. In the past, if you could actually get a living person on the other end of the telephone when you called for assistance after hours then you would most likely have to pay a call out fee over and above the ordinary bill for work carried out. Hence, not only was it difficult to get hold of an electrical contractor to come and do electrical work, there were also extra fees attached.

Fortunately, times have changed and many electrical companies now offer round-the-clock services but you still need to be just as careful about choosing a 24 hour electrician as you would be if you were enlisting the services any kind of contractor, electrical or otherwise. First of all, any quote they give you should be free and, naturally, there should be no call out fee. Some companies specifically advertise that they offer a 24 hour electrician service but others, whilst offering round-the-clock assistance will only do it for a fee.

You also need to check that the 24 hour electrician you are planning on using is adequately qualified and they must be in possession of a valid electrician’s license. The 24 hour electrician who arrives at your doorstep should be able to produce, not only a valid wireman’s license but a yellow card showing that they are registered with the Electrical Contractors Board which, incidentally, should also be current. Of course, you can take the easy way out and assume that the 24 hour electrician you are going to use is adequately qualified and in possession of a valid license but this is taking a risk.

Some electrical companies contract their after hours calls out to sub-contractors and there is nothing wrong with that but there is always the chance that the 24 hour electrician who comes to your home is not as well qualified as the electrical contractor you thought you were dealing with. Besides, electricity is a dangerous substance: do you really want to take the chance that you and your loved ones might suffer the effects of non-compliant electrical work further down the line?