Johannesburg is made up of four basic sections. These sections are the north, east, south and westrand. Each area has its own characteristics that people from the other areas either hate or love. Each section also has its own selection of plumbers and electricians and other small businesses like that. Let us look at a few reasons why it is important that you use and Eastrand electrician if you live on the Eastrand.

Cost of service

If you happen to live on the Eastrand and hire an electrician from another part of Johannesburg you will have to pay the travelling costs for that electrician. If you look at the AA rates for the kind of vehicle that most electricians drive you will be able to see that you will be paying a really high fee. If you hire an Eastrand electrician you will have either much less travelling costs to pay or not have to pay travelling costs at all.


People in the various sections of Johannesburg tend to develop different characteristics as they live in the area. This means that an Eastrand electrician will be much more easy to get along with if you have lived on the Eastrand for a while than an electrician from the Northern suburbs for example. In fact, a Northrand electrician would very likely irritate you as they are very different people. This may seem like an insignificant thing to some people, but you need to get along with the people who keep your home in working order.

As you can see by now, it is important, especially from a cost perspective, to hire an electrician that is from the area you live in. If you live on the Eastrand then you need to hire an Eastrand electrician. You will get along with them better and be happier with the price that you get quoted for each job as you are not going to be liable for the additional travel that they would have to do if they were from a different area of Johannesburg.

Rather get your vital services close to home. It just works better that way.